Monday, 24 March 2014

Smart TV Stick!!

This incredible construction will eliminate the need for any sort of set top box. You will be able to watch streaming TV online by simply plugging this smart TV stick into the port. Once the stick is plugged in, you now have a Smart TV with streaming capabilities that are fully integrated with your TV.

The stick offers you the opportunity to have it all. If you have been on the fence about whether or not you should buy that really nice flat screen or a top end Smart TV, now you can. Simply plug in the streaming stick, 
Most of the new TVs on the market today will already have an MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) port built in. The MHL port looks very similar to the HDMI port. It's basic function is to deliver commands and power that enable the smart stick to seamlessly work in conjunction with your TV.
Once you plug the stick in, you are pretty much all set. The Stick will take over from there. The built-in memory, software, processor and WiFi make life simple. All you need to do then is make sure you are connected to the internet. From that point on you will control everything with your TV's remote control.
You will immediately be able to browse the google play store with over 500 different channel offerings that include an enormous amount of selections. 
Not everyone can purchase a new expensive TV just to keep up with the latest technology. This makes watching TV online quite affordable, especially considering that you can now get rid of your high priced cable.
So, if you see a new TV purchase in your near future, the streaming stick will be available for purchase very soon. While you are waiting - Check out the smart TV stick here