Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Ambrane Smart Watch

Ambrane has launched its two branded digital smart watches in series of W-1000, W-2000, with its varied designed and technical features. Capacitive touch screen, RF testing feature and recording function is available in the Ambrane smart watch.
A phone enough to fit in your wrist.
W-2000The way mobile phones are designed is for us to hold them in one hand then what really makes a difference is the proximity of buttons and controls that we are pressing and how easy they are for your thumb to reach in one hand used and that doesn’t matter so much with the watch because you are not having to hold it at all. So this kind of competency in smart watch is provided by Ambrane India.
Ambrane smart watch W2000 is designed as a round dial that is attached with the nanometre toughed glass screen that facilitates water proof and dustproof to the smart watch.
A Bluetooth timer is also inbuilt in W2000 smart watch. W2000 is hued with colour composition of silver, black & rose gold.
Ambrane smart watch W2000 competent with the calling facility, A SIM slots provided in the smart watch from where you can insert the SIM and stay connected every time.
W2000 provides the clutch free competency, as it is need not to hold, you just have to wear it and clear all your worries and stay connected.
Notification can be easily accessible to your eyes as the Ambrane smart watch W2000 is on your wrist.